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Welcome to SSoftWare(Steele SoftWare)

SSoftWare(Steele SoftWare) develops packaged applications for Google's Chrome Web Store .
The applications use the following HTML5 and Google Chrome technologies:...
- HTML5 canvas element.
- HTML5 application messaging.
- Google's Chrome Web Store In-App Payments systems.
- Chrome Storage Local and Synchronised.

UFOZ Chrome Web Store
You fly around and shoot UFO's!
It is styled after a retro classic arcade video game.
UFOZ has it's own WebSite which has a demo version, game play and support information.
UFOZ Support WebSite

SignAge Chrome Web Store
Create animated display screen signs in several different formats to advertised products, services, events or whatever.
Change text, font, size and animation gradient to create a multitude of different signs.
Position your display screen(sign) in a strategic spot.
Now you have a bright and colorful sign displaying your products, upcoming events or your own inspired message.
SignAge Support

ColorPicker Chrome Web Store
Pick HTML and CSS color values from a color wheel image.
Color values in rgb and hex format.
Developed by SofaTec and SSoftWare.
ColorPicker Support

PlotCanvas Chrome Web Store
Is a shape drawing and image manipulation application.
You can plot many different maths equations, create polygon shapes and manipulate images.
This website's images and the UFOZ game graphics, were created using it!
PlotCanvas Support